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What’s fresh this season…

Caramel Apple Mule 9
Combine the sweetness of caramel vodka the tartness of fresh apple cider and the bitterness of ginger for a seasonal take on the classic mule
Oaxacan Hot Chocolate 9

Vanilla, cinnamon and Ancho chili liqueurs come together pleasingly on the palate blending the richness of sweet hot chocolate with just a hint of spice
Smashin’ Pumpkin 9
What could possibly make an autumn whisky cocktail even better? Beer. Makers Mark Kentucky straight bourbon whisky with whipped vodka, maple syrup, topped off with any premium pumpkin beer on our draft menu. Finished with a sugar and pumpkin spiced rim
Uncle Pete’s Poached Pear 9
Xante Premium Pear Liqueur “peared” with Le Clos red blend wine, spiced with real vanilla, fresh cloves, cinnamon and topped with Goslings ginger beer. It’s straight forward and earnest just like Uncle Pete
Northern White Cedar Old Fashioned 12
Autumn inspired Old Fashioned that doesn’t stray too far from the classic cocktail. Woodford Reserve Bourbon, house made cedar wood bitters and a charred cedar garnish adds light seasonal aromas and refined flavors
Pumpkin Nog 9
Whipped vodka, Pyrat Caribbean rum, real vanilla bean and pumpkin liquor make up this rich creamy delight. You drink pumpkin coffee and pumpkin beer, time for a pumpkin cocktail
Rye N’ Gosling 9 
A house favorite! Redemption Rye Bourbon with fresh squeezed lime juice and none other than gosling’s ginger beer
Dirty Pickle Martini 9
We take Tito’s small batch American Vodka and pair it with our house made pickle brine with Vermouth, blue cheese stuffed olives and house made pickle garnish putting a sour/garlicy twist on a classic cocktail
Nutty Fisherman Margarita 10
Patron, Cointreau and our house made margarita mix come together with a float of Disaronno Amaretto and a salt rim